Pillows Hotels: luxe boutique hotels where you feel right at home!

Forget checking in. Enjoy ordering all sorts of sweets whenever you want, 24/7. And most importantly, feel right at home at Pillows Hotels. This brand-new hotel concept welcomes you in a personal and authentic environment for an inspirational stay. Enjoy and be surprised.

More than only service

At Pillows Hotels, luxury stands for spending the night in a beautiful monument while at the same time feeling 100% at home. The tone has been set by Pillows Anna van den Vondel in Amsterdam, the very first hotel of the Pillows Hotels label. The beautiful property is situated right next to the Vondelpark and consists of three 19th century mansions with 31 charming hotel rooms that offer all obvious luxury such as a Nespresso machine and cooker, a Bluetooth radio with wireless sound system, Egyptian cotton linens and a walk-in shower. In addition, as a guest, you decide when you eat, whether it is day or night and what you eat, whether you are craving a small (healthy) snack or a full meal. Hotel Manager Stephanie Struis: 'We provide the perfect place to relax after a busy day. In your room, but also in the lounges around the Living. Your host will be there to fulfill all your personal wishes, such as questions about interesting places nearby.'

Brussels will soon be the next place where you come home in pure luxury

You will find the same casual, charming and luxurious atmosphere in the first Pillows hotel in Brussels. With high ‘home away from home’ quality and located on the famous Place Rouppe in the center of the capital, the Pillows Grand Hotel Place Rouppe opens its doors in early September. Entirely according to the luxury boutique concept, personal service and elegant design come together in the renovated and styled rooms or in one of the two luxury suites. The Living, with lounge, seating and wine bar, invites you to unwind, enjoy special wines or relax with a snack and a drink by the fireplace. In addition, at the end of 2017, the hotel's exclusive wellness area and gym opens its doors. Finally, there are two salons that perfectly lend themselves to private dining and business meetings. Following the Pillows Hotels in Amsterdam and Brussels, Pillows Hotels will also soon open an establishment in Zwolle: Pillows Grand Hotel Ter Borch. "And in the coming years, we want to put even more Pillows Hotels on the map across Europe," says Rogier Braakman, Managing Director of International Hotel Management Group. "More specifically, in 2018 and 2019 we will open hotels with the Pillows label in Deventer and Ghent and there is also a large-scale renovation planned for the Pillows hotel on the Mauritskade in Amsterdam."

About Pillows Hotels

The boutique hotel label Pillows Hotels, part of the International Hotel Management Group, originated from the thought and conviction that a hotel shouldn’t be a room factory, but a community where guests stay in a homely and personal environment. Where the guest decides when he eats and where he has the choice from a full meal to small dishes, and several (healthy) snacks throughout the day or night: clock less eating (24/7). The three already opened Pillows Hotels in Amsterdam, Brussels and Zwolle (NL) receive favorable reviews from their guests. Pillows Grand Hotel Place Rouppe opened its doors on the 8th of September 2017 and was voted best hotel in Brussels by TripAdvisor in January 2018. Since the 6th of October 2018, the Pillows Grand Hotel Reylof in Ghent welcomes its guest and in 2020 Pillows Amsterdam Mauritskade will open its doors. 

Pillows Hotels